Hot Winter Wedding Trends

While arguably hard not to notice, it would seem that the winter months have finally descended upon us. The days are getting shorter, the nights are growing colder and for many, their thoughts are on the holidays, the new year, and…wedding season? Well, maybe not that last one, however, we think that it is high-time that changed. 

Although not the most traditional, choosing to have a wedding during the winter months comes with some unique advantages. For starters, there are usually more venues available and at a better price, travel and accommodations are easier to find, no humidity, and lest we forget the beautiful photo ops that a fresh dusting of snow can provide. And while these may not be enough to change the mind of a blushing bride to have a winter wedding, we are confident that some of these hot new winter wedding trends will certainly have any bride reconsidering her options.

Faux Fur

Fur in fashion is seemingly on its way out, however, it is worth taking a look at some of the soft, plush, and incredibly realistic alternatives that designers and textile manufacturers are coming up with. Few looks are as warm, chic and undeniably wintery as faux fur, so adding accent pieces like a faux fur wrap or seating covers is a great way to add some style - and some warmth - to a winter wedding.

Frozen Flowers

It’s hard to imagine a wedding without flowers, however, winter weddings provide the opportunity to do some pretty unique things with them. Frozen flowers are all the rage, with more and more weddings utilizing them in ice cubes, sculptures, centrepieces, and champagne/wine buckets. This is definitely a great way to add a splash of colour while still maintaining a wintery theme. 

Hot Chocolate Bar

For a touch of nostalgia and something that will leave people talking, setting up a hot chocolate bar for guests at a winter wedding is always a good idea. Decorate the table with toppings like whipped cream, marshmallows and sprinkles, and feel free to keep some Baileys and other liquors out for that added adult warmth. 

Maple on Snow

Simple, elegant, versatile, and undeniably a Canadian winter staple; setting up a maple on snow station is the perfect way to greet your guests and provide them with a one of a kind experience.  The perfect blend of sweet and savoury, these delicious sources of national pride can be taken on step further when coupled with an artisan piece of a cheese, making for a truly memorable treat that your guests will love.

Berry Bouquets

While spring and summer flowers may be out of place for a winter wedding, berry bouquets are in full bloom. Berries typically flourish in the winter months, which is why creating bouquets with eucalyptus, curly widow, and pepper berries are such a fun and memorable option. For a more consistent theme throughout, you can also incorporate winter berries in centrepieces and in frozen flower arrangements. 

umaima Ashi