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Sixty Six Brix Or 66°Bx Is The Magic MomentWhen Sap Officially Becomes Maple Syrup

Sixty Six Brix is a catering company that specializes in frosted maple taffy - a pure Ontario maple syrup reduction that is rolled on fresh snow. A true Canadian treat! Our frosted maple taffy can be paired with artisan cheeses for our signature treat, The Maple Six. This Toronto spin on a Canadian classic makes for a sophisticated union of sweet and savoury. 

Sixty Six Brix caters to a variety of corporate events in Toronto and Greater Toronto Area. Such events range from international conferences, trade shows, company parties, in-house office functions and even golf tournaments. Sixty Six Brix has been part of the annual meeting of American Society of Association Executives (ASAE), PDAC International Mining Conference, Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC), and at The Royal Ontario Museum Canada150 party.  Hiring Sixty Six Brix will elevate your event with an authentic Canadian experience that your guests will never forget.

Brix | /brIks/

Noun, chemistry.

1. A graduated scale, used on a hydrometer, that indicates the weight of sugar per volume of solution at a given temperature.

The Brix scale indicates the percentage of sugar in the maple syrup. In Ontario, the correct  and legal density for maple syrup is a minimum of 66% sugar or 66°Brix. 


Corporate Events Catering

Is your company planning a fun, social party to celebrate your company's success? Having a year-end celebration to thank your employees for all their hard work? Already tried beaver tails and donuts and looking for something new? Nothing beats maple taffy on snow - try it wrapped around cheese or dipped in bacon! Whatever the pairing, you can't go wrong with the delicious taste of maple syrup. 



Are you looking for a unique wedding catering idea? We can help with that too! Served during cocktail hour or late night dessert, our specialized dessert station adds a fun and entertaining aspect to your wedding, elevating it to the next level. Each serving is prepared right before your eyes, all expertly rolled on fresh plates of SNOW! Guests will never forget this very "cool" station. Available all year round, inside or out - you decide.


A true Canadian treat! Our frosted maple taffy can be paired with artisan cheeses for our signature dessert, The Maple Six - a sophisticated union of sweet and savoury.


The Maple Cube

This unique maple creation is hand-crafted by our artisan sugar maker in Toronto, Canada. Using only 100% pure Ontario Maple Syrup, each cube is packed with flavour.  Use this perfect cube to garnish your favourite dessert or impress your guests and grate it table-side on a baked salmon or trout. Explore your inner foodie, and discover your own favorite pairing.



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Let us help you celebrate Canada's 150th in true Canadian style - with Maple Taffy on snow!